Welcome to the Supermassive Film Stuff Blog

I’m going to express my opinion on the Internet!

Because no one else is doing that right?

This will be short because I’m writing about my least favorite subject: Me.

I’m an aspiring screenwriter who just wants a place to write about the films I’ve loved, hated or just tolerated. Sometimes I’ll do reviews, other times I’ll write an opinion piece about a subject (“Why the Matrix Sequels Didn’t Work”, “Issues of Identity in Mainstream Films”, etc). And rarely I’ll post about my own adventures in making movies in the San Francisco Bay Area.

As far as my taste:

I don’t do all time top ten lists…that’s like trying to choose between my non-existent children.

Probably the most important thing about my taste in film: I was raised on Spielberg. I wanted to make movies because of him. So yes, I do like a big, crowd pleasing blockbuster.

I was that kid who would daydream about crazy worlds, so I love science fiction and fantasy. Not only do these films create imaginative worlds, but they can also reflect our own world…at least when they are done well.

I have a tendency to like darker films (Viewing or writing), so I’ve always loved film noir. “In a Lonely Place” with Humphrey Bogart is one of my absolute favorites.

But above all, I love a good story. If I were to make a top ten list you would see smaller films next to those blockbusters. Of course this means most of my reviews will center around the film’s story.

I don’t know where this will go. But most importantly, I want this to be a fun blog to talk about films. For those of you reading this, we won’t always agree…but that’s part of the fun.

If I write a review you don’t like, say so. Film hits us in different ways. While I may cry like a baby at a scene, you may have laughed hysterically. That’s what I love about film: It means something different to all of us.

Hope you enjoy!